StashBusting CAL/KAL: Week 3

Don’t Throw That Out!

Another week, another task! I loved seeing all the clever ways you used your scraps! The mismatched socks and gloves, the necklaces, creative borders and more! To keep up with what everyone is doing, and get inspired, don’t forget to check out our CAL/KAL hashtags #StashbustingCAL and #StashbustingKAL on Instagram!

Elbow patch detail on my  Truffle Sweater  pattern

Elbow patch detail on my Truffle Sweater pattern

This week is all about saving and using our scraps - not just our stash, our scraps! As most of us are aware, the fashion industry is insanely wasteful. Last July, Burberry made the news because it came to light they had burned almost 40 million dollars worth of stock… side eye. In a world of fashion waste, home crafters and designers can exert more agency in what we throw away, and be more mindful about how we use our materials.

There’s actually a lot that we can do as home crafters to cut back on waste. The way I think about scraps is in ‘small’, ‘medium’, and ‘finished’ terms. What does that mean? ‘Small’ are scraps that are the long ends that you cut off a project, or the 10 yards you have at the end of a skein. ‘Medium’ are the half skein of yarn that you bought in puke green for a custom order that you never want to think about again. ‘Finished’ is a hat that you meant to make for an adult that ended up being child’s sized and you don’t know anyone with children.

This blog post is all about some fun ways that you can utilize these itty bitty scraps, and finished products that aren’t just sending them off to the landfill!

Let’s start with small:

  • Turn your scraps into couture yarn! There are several artists who take yarn scraps and turn them into scrappy yarn balls for textured, specialty yarns! Like Renee and Burt in the UK, and Loom Denim in the US!

  • Create your own “scrap ball”. By tying scraps of a similar weight end-to-end, pair this with yarn of a solid or consistent color and you can create your own scrappy master piece a la @laerkebagger !

  • Mindful Mending. There are many ways to mend these garments, but small scraps are perfect for this. I wear through the elbows on all my sweaters, but, as I love my sweaters, I don’t just want to toss the whole guy. I’ve been trying out different ways of darning and mending and been learning about new awesome ways through Pinterest, and the Instagram account @mindful_mending. My new obsession is with ‘visible mending’ where you can see the work, but it adds additional and beautiful detail to a piece!

  • Stuffing for Pillows and Amigurumi. I keep all my ends in one of those mesh bags that a lot of yarn comes in. Every time I snip ends, instead of going in the trash, they just go into this bag. Eventually I hope to use them for stuffing. I’ve actually been surprised by how long it’s taking me to fill up! This is a great video by Arne and Carlos on how to “card your wool” into filling for pillows and amigurimi. Obviously, you don’t have to card it, you can just squidge it up and shove it in, but doing it this way makes it softer and avoids ends poking out of the finished project!

Moving up to Medium:

Okay, so what about those half-skeins or full skeins that you really don’t think you’ll ever use again?

  • Donating craft supplies is a great way to ‘Marie Kondo’ those skeins that actively get you upset. My nana (I know I talk about her all the time, but she’s so great), started ‘Crafts Bits n’ Pieces’ in Fairport, NY. It’s a non-profit craft store that sells rogue buttons, old craft stashes, fat quarters for quilting, and various other bits n pieces. (Do you see what I did there?) And all the profits go towards the local Senior Living Council. Amazing right?!

Isn’t it so cute?!

Isn’t it so cute?!

I suggest doing a bit of local research to see what’s in your area, like schools and home economics programs, but here are some other organizations that take craft supplies as well. Here are two links I’ve found that showcase various ways of donating in the US and UK:

UK -

US -

  •  Host a yarn swap! Invite over some crafty friends, tell them to bring all their half skeins, and unused craft tools. Pull a ‘Stashbusting CAL/KAL’ week one and spread it all out on the floor or table. By looking at a combined stash you may find a better color palette, or be able to swap yarns for projects you personally wouldn’t want to make that your friend does! And of course, tag me in it! I want to pretend I’m there!


Finished Goods:

If you’ve been crafting for awhile then you may be like me, where every family member is 5 hats deep but you still love making hats and want to make more. There are many great charities that are looking for crafters just like you! I’ve compiled a very short list with some causes that look for knitters and crocheters to create finished goods, but I strongly recommend you do your own research to look for causes in your local areas as well!

My brother, in his scrappy scarf. P.S. For those wondering, yes, those are narwhals on his shirt.

My brother, in his scrappy scarf. P.S. For those wondering, yes, those are narwhals on his shirt.

  • Dublin, Ireland – Revived Yarn. An organization close to my heart as I myself volunteer and donate!


PRIZE PROMPT WEEK 3 – Show me the scraps! I want to see the innovative ways you’re using your littlest scraps! Show me a mended elbow patch, a donation basket, a scrap yarn ball, whatever! Share your photos with #StashbustingKAL or #StashbustingCAL in order to win 20$/£/€ towards LoveCrochet/LoveKnitting yarn and supplies!

Next week: Clear Workspace, Clear Headspace. Next week is our last stashbusting week! The big one, so stay tuned for next week’s prompt and the big prize of 75 in your local currency!!

Til next week!

xx Katie

Katie Moore