StashBusting CAL/KAL: Week 4

Just the Beginning

It’s here. The last week of our CAL/KAL. By this week you should have a slightly smaller and much more organized stash. As we continue to work through our stashbusting projects be mindful of what we can do with less. Think about what we already have. I want you to think about what we can do now, for the rest of this year!

If you’ve managed to use up your entire stash in just 4 weeks, I am gobsmacked! (And I want to see before + after pics) #proofplease. But if you’re like me, and you can barely tell you’ve used any stash at all, this is just the beginning!


This week, we’re solidly into February, and our goal is to try to keep our momentum for the rest of the year. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to stop buying yarn (I just bought several gorgeous skeins from olann and I’m planning a sweater design in my head as I type this). I am, however, asking you to keep these CAL/KAL resources in the back of your head.

When, come next October, you’re in the middle of 5 different wips and guiltily shooting looks over at your stash, remember how much you can do with what you already have. How much you have done in the last 3 weeks alone! How to organize, how to innovate with color and seaming, how to make it work when you’ve lost the game of yarn chicken, how to give back in your local community. You did all that already!

Among the benefits of being organized, it makes you less stressed and happier. As home crafters, what we make, we make with love. I like to think that the love we put into our projects shines a little brighter when we’re happy and relaxed making them.

This week, I want you to share your projects - whether it’s a bag of donations, to 3 sweaters, 4 coasters, a scarf, and 1.5 socks, or a selfie (we’re all wips after all). I want to see it, and I want you to tell me something you hope to continue/start doing this year that keeps your stash manageable! I’ll be posting my goals on Instagram this Monday alongside this post.

color blanket.jpg

 PRIZE PROMPT: Stash Goals.

Share with me your stashbusting projects and tell the group something you hope to continue or start doing to keep your stash in check. This is the big prize week. With 75 £/$/E towards LoveCrochet/LoveKnitting available to the winner. Share your pictures on Instagram with one of our hashtags: #StashbustingCAL or #StashbustingKAL


Meet me back here next week to read the CAL/KAL recap and view the winners of each week! I’m so proud of you guys already!

xx Katie

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Katie Moore