StashBusting CAL/KAL: Week 2

Make it Work

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It’s the end of week 1. I have loved following along with you as you took out your stashes, organized, and put them back. It was surprisingly personal, and I loved listening to your stories and seeing all of the different and clever ways you organized your yarn. There was everything from old fashioned suitcases, mattress bags, or an entire armoire! Once you had your yarn organized by weight and fiber, hopefully it was easier for you to pick a project. If you’re still unsure of what you want to make, never fear! New patterns and ideas are being added to the Pinterest board all the time.

Onto week 2. This week is all about being flexible, and innovative. Because these are scrap projects, using scrap yarn, you may have just under the yarn length you need, or are altering the pattern to make it work with additional colors. This week we are exploring innovative and creative ways to adjust designs so that we don’t have to buy more yarn!


Simple raglan? Make it striped.

Baby blanket? Colorblock it.

Scarf? Make it ombre, just keep adding versions of a color, or a family of colors

Not enough of one color? Add your cuffs, colors, and ribbing in another color. Make your cuffs longer.

Working on a  BonBon Sweater  for my Nana

Working on a BonBon Sweater for my Nana

New TripleC Sweater (coming soon) was made with blanket yarn scraps

New TripleC Sweater (coming soon) was made with blanket yarn scraps

Baby blanket made with  Paintbox Cotton DK

Baby blanket made with Paintbox Cotton DK


Go seamless where you can, seaming takes more yarn, can you work it in the round? Can you work the sleeve and the base at the same time?

Adjust the pattern to fit. My innovation for the week is that I didn’t have enough aran weight yarn for my As If Tee, (by @knitandcroshay) so instead of a half-back of mohair, I made the entire back mohair. I’m also working on a series of striped and fair-isle beanies.

Add a colored or striped border. Especially with blankets I find a great way to add length is just go around and around with other colors. Adds intrigue to the border and length to your project.



I want you to share a wip (work in progress) shot of one of your scrapbusting projects that you’ve had to make edits to, or that uses an innovative way to utilize your scraps. Tag it with #ScrapbustingCAL or #ScrapbustingKAL for a chance to win 20 towards LoveKnitting/LoveCrochet yarn and tools!

NEXT WEEK: I’ll be sharing different ways for you to use even the smallest of scraps. So don’t throw anything out this week! Stay tuned!

Katie Moore