The Dandelion Dress

The first flowers of the season, bright, vivacious, and hard to get rid of. Little sunshines growing up through concrete cracks.  This is what inspired the Dandelion Dress.


I used to cry when my dad would mow our lawn growing up because he would take the heads off all these little yellow flowers. He would invariabley say to me "they'll be back, it's not that easy to get rid of them". And sure enough, give it another week, and more would be peeking up, along the cracks in the driveway, the edge of the yard, all over the place. These resilient flowers, sunny weeds are actually my favorite.


All images via my Pinterest Moodboard!

I wanted a go-to halter mini dress, bright, flexible, and adjustable. The perfect summer yellow, with shots of orange and white plays to the summer flowers and dancing sunshine.

The design features a triangle cut out on the chest, and slits up the sides – no one likes being restricted in the summer. The dress also features adjustable halter straps and waist-line. The flexible linen-stitch is perfect for dancing on the beach.

To grab the pattern – click the link here

  • I used Daffodil Yellow for the sunny color of the dandelions
  • Then I used Light Champagne and Blood Orange for the floral highlights!

To complete the look all you need is a 4mm / G-6 hook, a flexible measuring tape, and a good pair of yarn scissors .

This pattern was released together with 5 other patterns to make up my 2018 summer collection. Inspired by the seaside. To read more about the full collection and the other designs here.


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Katie Moore