The Shadow-Play Top

The palm fronds over your head play with the light as it hits your face. A sunny day, a strong gust of wind blows someones hat off their head, they run down the beach trying to grab it before it gets in the water.


Peter and I were lucky enough to visit Marrakech in Morocco several years ago. I couldn't get over their use of open air spaces: slated roof atriums, curtains pulled taught over balconies that lapped in the wind. Everywhere there was shadow art as the light found its way through the various coverings and carvings to the ground and surrounding walls.


All images via my Pinterest Moodboard!

I wanted a fuller coverage summer top in the name of shade, but I wanted it airy enough to breathe (so you don't get too sweaty). I wanted the color design to allude to the beauty of the shadows amidst sunlight. And last, I wanted it to be breathable, light, and playful, but also be functional. 

The top features 'sunlight lines' along the body of the top, with ruffles at the base and on the sleeves. The top features the linen stitch, with modern lace lines, super flexible and airy in the summer heat. Perfect for the day after you got just a little bit too much sun. 

To grab the pattern – click the link here

shadow 2.jpg
  • I used Stormy Gray for the shade underneath the canopy of trees
  • I used Light Champagne and Seafoam Blue to create the lines of sunlight coming through the tree leaves. 

To complete the look all you need is a 4mm / G-6 hook, a flexible measuring tape, and a good pair of yarn scissors .

This pattern was released together with 5 other patterns to make up my 2018 summer collection. Inspired by the seaside. To read more about the full collection and the other designs click here.

Katie Moore