Finish it February + Paintbox Yarns

Bye Felicia... I mean February!

( Someone get me this mug! lol)

I love February because it's the perfect post-holiday month. Time to hunker down and get to finishing all 8 million half-started #wips flung to the side in the rush to get things done for the holidays. It's sleeting and cold so why would you even go outside though?

This February I got to be part of the #FinishItFebruary group started by KnitCollage's yarn designer maven, Amy. You may remember her from my post talking about how pumped I was to make + finish a hat using her (currently-on-sale-almost-gone Daisy Chain yarn). She organized a Facebook group so that we designers, and makers, and home crafters could all support each other and share projects+ tips! I very much recommend you all join for future February's! 

pic via @KnitCollage

pic via @KnitCollage


I started this month with 5 wips... 5! By the end of Feb, I will have finished 4 of them (curse you scrappy sweater!) The one I really (like really really) needed to finish was Peter's birthday sweater. I started it in October for his birthday in November, missed Christmas, and then narrowly missed Valentines day, but he got it eventually! It was my first knit sweater using needles smaller than 10mm. It was honestly a huge friggin ordeal. I made up the pattern, I made it to fit his body exactly (which meant lots of frogging, as he's a very tall, gangly, beautiful man), I am not sorry it took my this long, I'm just sorry for saying it'd be done before his birthday! Ahhh jokes. 


I also finished and published the BonBon sweater pattern!! I had finished the pattern before February, but like, finishing a pattern still counts as a project, right? There's a lot of math and admin that goes into them, so I'm voting it counts. I also finished the Mary Shelley sweater (pics+ pattern coming next month!) 

My final #FinishItFebruary project was my Sweetheart crop top! I had made a version of this in a 2017(!) blog post, but I wanted to clean it up, I wanted to add options, I wanted to add the ability to make it versatile and adjustable. So what do I do when I have an idea? Chat with my girls over at LoveCrochet and Paintbox yarns. 


We got to talking, and decided I could bring my love for paintbox to their instagram for a takeover! I use paintbox yarns all the time, I think it's one of the more sustainable options for cotton thread - you can read more about that here. (Do you know how much waste there is in the fashion industry?) So why not share some of my paintbox journey?! As I'm so pleased, and honored to be featured by them, I'm sharing the sweetheart top pattern FOR FREE for one week only, in celebration of their yarns! <3 

Take a look at some of the patterns I've created using their yarns in 2017. Spring is just around the corner folks! I can't wait to show you what I have in store for this year!

Katie Jagel