Oh, Honey!

Oh, Honey!


Honey bees are awesome. They pollinate flowers, they work hard, and they make one of the only foods that never expires (honey)! Sadly, they were put on the endangered species list this year, so if you see any bees, make sure you tell them to keep up the good work.

In the spirit of all things yellow and delicious, we will embark on this fun bee-centric bralette, which features hexagonal honey comb, dripping honey, and little bumble bees! One size fits most for this design.

Gauge – 6 rows +8 hdc = 2 sq in

Difficulty: Intermediate
Coverage Level: Medium- Full


Base height- 10.5”/26.7cm

Base width - 15.25”/38.7cm



Sl st

Granny stitches

Free-form crochet

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