Spring Cleaning (+SALE)

It’s that time again. The weather can’t decide what season it is, changing up every other hour, but there is officially evidence that spring is coming.

It is usually around this time people try to get their house in order. A yearly ritual often called “spring cleaning”. Well my friends, here at Queen Stitch, it’s time to clean house. With that in mind, I’m going to be having a sale that celebrates not only the new warmer weather, with a 1$ off all my spring and summer patterns, but also with a 1$ off all patterns that will shortly be deleted off my site and other platforms like Ravelry.

Exsqueeze me? Yes, that’s right. There are some older patterns that either haven’t been very popular, or aren’t to the standard that Queen Stitch has now reached. I want to make sure all the patterns on my site, under my brand, are things I’m really proud of. Some of my patterns will no longer make the cut after next week, so if you see something below that you love, grab it now!

So! If you want any of the following patterns, best get ‘em while they’re hot. Because by the end of next week, they’ll be gone forever. This will also allow me more time to update my existing patterns - making them clearer, and more size inclusive. One of the patterns I’m working on right now, is the popular Nancy Sweater pattern, which will soon be available up to a 4X!

I also just straight up deleted my Etsy shop. It’s gone. I had like 3 sales so far this year, it just wasn’t working out. Ravelry and LoveCrochet are where it’s at.

Happy spring my beauties!

Katie Moore