Publish Your Pattern in a Magazine - Vol.1: Getting Started


Getting your content (and your brand) into a magazine is a great way to reach new audiences. (Especially because apparently not everyone is as addicted to social media as I am?!) So, how do you get your patterns into a magazine? Where do you even start? I looked around the blogosphere for help when I first started, and realized that there isn’t really one guide about where to start, and what to do!

I've created this series of 3 blog posts to try to help people achieve their crochet magazine dreams! I'll take you through:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Preparing your submission
  3. Following through/ Creating your project

The June Issue 51 of Happily Hooked – The Texture Issue, features my Bobble Sweater (chock-full of squishy texture). I submitted the non-exclusive pattern back in January, and ended up making the cover!


Since having this design published, I’ve reached out and submitted to other magazines as well, and I wanted to create this brief overview of how I got my first pattern published, helpful hints and tricks, and things to be aware, and careful of.

Getting Started:

Your pattern deserves a good home, what magazines are out there?

A lot of people read magazines, whether it’s at home, off-the-shelf in a craft store, or online (big online fan over here), and there are a lot of knit and crochet magazines out there.

I personally peruse Simply Crochet, Happily Hooked, and Pom Pom Mag the most often, with others more sporadically. Each magazine has a slightly different vibe, audience, and style – so when you’re looking around for a magazine home for your own pattern and content, take these things into consideration.

Most magazines have a public call for submissions, some don’t

Once you’ve chosen one or two (or three or more!) magazines to reach out to, browse their site for submissions. To make it easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of a submission calls for just a few of the magazines I’ve mentioned. (If you want to get a pattern into a magazine I haven’t listed below, don’t let that stop you! Peruse their website! See what’s out there!)

Once you've done some research, and chosen where you want to submit, you need to prepare your submission. See Vol 2 for how to prepare your submission and some tips and tricks I learned along the way!

Katie Moore