The High-Tide Tank

A sliver of sand, rolling waves as far as you can see(sea?), and stacks of waves breaking against underwater currents. 


Tides are caused by the combined graviational affect of the sun and the moon and the rotation of the earth. This totally unassuming, predictable moving of 352 quintillion gallons of water, is completely insane to me. The power and immensity of our oceans is still just getting explored, and there's something about the expanse and fullness at high-tide that is just so overwhelming... I had to try to put it in a top.


All images via my Pinterest Moodboard!

I knew I wanted to do a tank top with a unique silhouette, there are enough low cut numbers with chain stitch straps. I wanted to try to create a design that really exemplified the way that the ocean seems to go on forever. I wanted it light, and I wanted it interesting.

The top alternates between a deep sea blue and a light seafoam blue with regular and puff stitches to show the rolling and breaking of waves. I use a unique puff stitch strap for the crossed back to carry the wave motif through the whole design. The front has a higher neckline, so I wanted to drop the back low to get the much needed airflow for heat in the summertime.

To grab the pattern – click the link here

color pallette.jpeg
  • I used the crisp cobalt of Sailor Blue for the ocean
  • Seafoam blue for the lines of the breaking waves in the tides.

To complete the look all you need is a 4mm / G-6 hook, a flexible measuring tape, and a good pair of yarn scissors .

This pattern was released together with 5 other patterns to make up my 2018 summer collection. Inspired by the seaside. To read more about the full collection and the other designs click here.


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Katie Moore