How to Publish Your Knit+Crochet Patterns

April ho!

What a fun action packed month! The spring/summer collection is designed, and being worked on currently. Take a look at my SS 18 moodboard over on pinterest! The collection is inspired by the textures and colors of the ocean and boardwalk summers.

lobster 2.jpg

So, how do people get started working on patterns? Editing them? Getting them tested? Copyrighting – and the rest of it?

I had the pleasure of guest- starring on an Instagram live with Toni of TLYarnCrafts, where we go over all these topics. Toni, aside from being a top-notch crochet designer, is also a huge asset to the community. Nearly every Tuesday she hops on Instagram Live at 7pm EST to share resources, experiences, and cover all the things you should know if you’re just getting started, or even if you’ve been in the game awhile and want to hone your craft.

Take a look at the re-cap here!


(Also I truly apologize for the shakiness of the camera on my end... really need to get a tripod.)

Here are some of the things we covered:

  • Getting started – writing the pattern:
    • What should you include? Schematics, stitch charts, photos, language, copyright?
  • How clean your pattern: Text Editors versus Testers – what are these, what’s better?
    • What does a tester versus editor do?
    • How to get testers and editors on board? do you pay them?
    • How to communicate with testers, is there any right way to do it?
  • Platforms: Where is the best place to upload and share your pattern with the community? What we use, and what we like best
    • Why having your own website is so important! (and what are the best platforms?)
    • Ravelry
    • Etsy
    • LoveKnitting/LoveCrochet
    • Craftsy
    • Tips and tricks of automating the process
  • Launch!
    •  How to build up awareness and support
    • Free versus paid patterns – whats the situation? what's right for you?.

Take a look see if you’ve ever thought about publishing your own pattern, testing, or just to learn more about the entire process!

Happy learning!


Katie Moore