Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Twas the night before Christmas…. okay hopefully not, but we’ve got about a week to go now and it’s crunch time for gift giving!

If you’ve been following along with me this season you know I LOVE the festive season! Christmas is basically just a month long themed party. Okay, I know it’s a bit more than that, but there’s so many things to make! and decorate! and cook! and share!

And with that sort of a mentality in mind, I wanted to share my best quick patterns (which will remain ON SALE for the entire week before Xmas) and also some easy and quick patterns I found on Pinterest. So even your great aunt Mildred gets a gift… even if you made it an hour ago.

I’ve catalogued everything below in decreasing time in takes to make. Nothing below takes more than 8 hours, with the last section taking no more than 2 hours! Most of these patterns are unisex so they can be used for anyone!

1>2 Hours

The Holly Earwarmer - Women’s - Knit

Seam Beanie - Unisex - Crochet

The Frosty Beanie - Unisex - Knit

Apres-Ski Pumpkin Headband - Women’s - Knit

The Casablanca Cowl - Women’s - Crochet

3>5 Hours

The Gemma Scarf - Women’s - Crochet

The Acorn Beanie - Unisex - Knit

Faux Seam Scarf - Unisex - Crochet

The George Beanie - Unisex - Crochet

Queen of Hearts Hat - Women’s - Knit

The Mary Cowl - Women’s - Crochet

5>8 Hours

Brick-Layers Scarf - Unisex - Crochet

Festive Lights Hat - Unisex - Knit

Vintage Baubles Hat - Unisex - Knit

Gift Boxed Hat - Unisex - Knit

Gnome Fair Isle Beanie - Unisex - Knit

Kaleidoscope Granny Scarf - Women’s - Crochet

Gingerbread Beanie - Unisex - Knit

I wish you all a very very happy and festive holidays. I hope you can all be around someone who loves you, and if you can’t this year, I wish you love and company in the new year!

Thank you all for making this season so festive for me and mine.

xxxx Katie

Katie Moore