#WoofAndTheGang A Dog's Life Coat


It’s the holiday season, that means the spirit of gift giving is everywhere. Not to be left out, are our furry, fuzzy, family members!

Wool and the Gang contacted me back a month or two ago, and said that they were launching a new line of kits for pets… and I was so excited. Firstly, because what is better than pets in outfits? Those little booties?! I die. So of course I was in. I am the proud auntie of a beautiful pit-mix named Bode, and for him I was going to make the Dogs Life Coat. By the way, all the WATG kits are 60% off this weekend!

I am still a beginner knitter, just learning about shaping and things, so I was a little nervous. I’m here to tell you that if a WATG kit says it’s beginner, it’s beginner. I had zero problems. They even have stitch how-to’s on their website for help! So one of the amazing things about this new collection is that there is doggie grading. They have 5 sizes from the tiniest Pomeranian to a Great Dane. Bode is a size 4 (not that size matters).


So step one for me is always pouring everything out on my bed and squishing it one by one. The ‘Super Trooper Wool’ that comes with the project is an Aran weight superwash merino. Premium squish, and obviously important - it’s machine washable. I don’t know about your pets but Bode loves the outdoors, and doesn’t shy from mud.

My gauge swatch sat almost exactly as it should be so we were good to go.

DogsLifeCoat - Step Mustache

I must confess, I am not used to straight needles. I usually prefer circulars, but with garter stitch (which is most of this sweater) it makes sense to use straight needles to avoid purling. I think with the Size 5 kit they might be testing the length of the needle, but I was fine for the size 4.

I love when a knit piece is circa 2 inches long because you’ve reached “mustache stage”. Don’t I look debonair? I took my lil’ coat with me to cafes, on walks, and even to the beaches of Bray. All my favorites, and pieces of Ireland, to infuse my sweater with.


I went off-pattern (just a little) on the main piece because I knew I wanted to put Bode’s name on it. So in the section just before the collar I knit up a section of stockinette rather than garter stitch so that I could duplicate stitch his name. I just used whatever scraps I had. Pictured is the Paintbox wool-mix aran in Stormy Gray. The inner chest piece works up much more quickly.


Seaming is something that I don’t have much confidence in yet. However, through the stitch tutorials included in the packet together with my main bae, YouTube, I managed to find my way through seaming the 4 seams. (That’s also not very many seams so I was pretty pleased overall. The last step was to pack it up with a final kiss and send it stateside to Bode!


Is he not the most handsome?!?!!? My sister was telling me how she couldn’t believe how well it fit him, and how could I possibly get the sizing so spot on (hint: I cheated, Wool and the Gang obviously did their homework with this grading!). These photos of him looking so snug and princely almost make up for me missing Thanksgiving with them. But I hope he felt the love from afar!

Click here to grab your own kit!

Click here to follow Bode on insta <3 (yes of course he has his own insta)

I hope this write up + step by step photos were useful to you! Let me know if you’d like the see more review posts like this!

xx Katie

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Katie Moore