The Holiday Hats Collection

Halloween is over so it’s basically Christmas now, right?

No way, man.

I have three family members all with birthdays in November, all right around Thanksgiving, so growing up we had a strict “no Christmas cheer until Thanksgiving is here” rule. However, handmade holiday items take time to make, and so I choose to release this collection with nearly two full months of making time!

This collection is my first knit collection! Dreams do come true! Inspired by vintage kitsch, family togetherness, sparkles in the dark, and mildly creepy old holiday ads. Check out the Mood Board here. The below pics are samples from the full vibe:


The collection features 8 fair-isle designs. I still consider myself a beginner knitter, so as long as you can knit and purl, you can make these hats.

The Vintage Baubles Hat

Inspired by the sparkling, aggressively colored ornaments and 40’s crooners a la Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Etta Fitzgerald, all staple Holiday Albums in our house!

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The Holly Earwarmer

Inspired by the jewel tones of this beautiful winter plant, this easy headband features a simple repeat, and a ribbed edge.

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Gift Boxed

This unisex beanie design features one of the best parts of the holidays… presents! I love taking extra care to wrap my gifts. I honestly really enjoy getting all the edges super flat and picking out ridiculous wrapping paper. To each they’re own!

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Festive Lights

My dad always took holiday lights super seriously. Our house always stood out on the street. I used to love to come driving home and see it there like a giant festive beacon. So that feeling of midnight sparkle, of arriving home, inspired this hat design!

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Gingerbread Beanie

Do you like your ginger bread with more ginger or more molasses? This fun beanie looks great with a lighter or darker brown, why not make a matching set? My gingerbread beanie features frosted window panes, a gumdrop roof, and lots of icing!

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Candy Canes and Peppermints

Ahhh the too often ignored staple holiday candy. My brother used to suck the bottom of these into a point and then stab me with it. Cute, right? This much more cozy and less offensive hat showcases the traditional candies side by side with a garter stitch brim!

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I love gnomes. While they aren’t necessarily holiday specific, there’s something so festive about these friendly little forest creatures. In this fair-isle hat you get a beardy gnome together with some winter trees and snowflakes!

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Christmas Puddings

And now for dessert! A Christmas tradition I wasn’t aware of until I met my (British) husband. This delicious Christmas dessert is cuter than it is tasty (only in my opinion!!) but I just love how festive it is!

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I hope you love the collection and I hope it brings you holiday cheer. I myself have made about 20 of these, which I’ll be sharing with my family this Christmas eve! <3 (Don’t worry I’ll share pics!)

xx Katie

Katie Moore