Swatch Warriors, Curated Indie Designs

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Well hello there, you! Supporter of small businesses, indie designers, and slow fashion!

As a Queen Stitch supporter, you’re already doing a lot. Seriously! You’re supporting the small business and dream of an artist, you’re supporting slow fashion which produces less waste, and produces meaningful garments and fair wages.

Now, there are a lot of really great indie designers out there, but it’s not always so easy to find them. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an easier way to look at specifically indie designers and small businesses? A curated platform filled with contemporary designs?

Oh baby, have I got news for you. Yurika Kotzé of FiberQuest has created such a platform in the form of Swatch Warriors. Her vision:

‘A niche go-to site with all the best contemporary designs. Modern and beautiful, the site boasts designs by forward-thinking pioneers in the fiber arts. Find what are you looking for in the easy-to-navigate shop, and instantly download your new patterns in PDF format to your device.’

Yeah, this is a thing now!

Yurika first reached out to me in the summer months of this year with her idea, and I loved it! An indie platform celebrating indie designers! Etsy is all well and good, but I loved the idea of a more-focused platform that caters to specific contemporary tastes, and is consistently updating!

I contributed several of my best-selling patterns to the platform including the Nancy Sweater, the Cloud Sweater, the Bonbon Sweater, and some of my others accessories like the Seam Beanie!

Seam Beanie 1.JPG

Check out the site now and fall into a new wonderland of indie designs!

Katie Moore