9-25-17 Bath + Wool

It’s nearly the end of my UK trip, and everytime I come here, I try to visit a new city. Last time, this past winter, I visited Glasgow, and on Saturday I got to visit Bath!

Bath is a lot closer to London and a lot warmer… the weather has been its usual cloudy gray throughout most of the trip but on Saturday the clouds parted, and the sun shone through and we were off!

Bath is called such because it was the site of a famous natural spring-fed Roman Bath. The ruins are still there and it was fortified in the 18th century to get it somewhere close to its former glory.  After about 200 years or older I start to sort of lose sense of time… the ruins are over 2300 years old. How am I supposed to wrap my head around it?

It was really sunny!

It was really sunny!

Anyway, in between some of the more famous aspects of the city – like the Roman Baths, and the Sally Lunn bakery (both pictured above!) – Peter and I stopped at the local wool shop, called (wouldn’t you know it) “Wool”.

I had looked it up before coming as I always love seeing the local shops up close and see the more unique and local yarns they provide. Buying local yarn makes for an awesome project, and a unique souvenir!

Walking off the main road to a cobbled side street, you see it. Unassuming, wool has a large front window with clouds and hot air balloons. In each balloon sits a small tuffet of multi-colored wools. “Wool” is written lowercase in black above the door.


Going inside I was greeted by the friendly shopkeeper, in a beautiful + colorful top down sweater, and started to explore the store! Tons of yarns – floor to ceiling, the whole shop was softly lit up from the big front window.


I trotted around the space being careful to avoid Toby, an old black lab who was happily napping on the floor, pausing the lick his paws every once in awhile. (I want a dog so bad!)

The choice was enormous, but finally I settled on two yarns, a beige one with pink and purple speckles from sheep in Chester, UK, and the other a deep purple color that somewhat matches the speckles.


When I went up to pay the two shop workers complimented by sweater, and we swapped instagrams(I was wearing the Truffle Sweater soon to be released!) I bought my yarns happily, (how can you not with such friendly shop keepers?!  – and they even wound them for free! I am thinking either a baby blanket for a long scarf – I’m sure you’ll see the progress on insta as I continue.

Support small businesses! Always stop in!

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