2-10-17 Happy Valentine's Lovelies! - Free Pattern

I love Valentine's Day.

I've been single for almost every Valentine's day of my existence, and I always loved it anyway. Pink is such a cheerful color, I love chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, and treating myself... so what's not to like? #SelfLove, about it. 

Parks and Rec FTW!

Parks and Rec FTW!

For Valentines day this time 'round I do have a buddy to spend it with (shout out to my Petah), but that doesn't mean I'm not still taking some time to treat myself. This year I wanted to make an off the shoulder, ruffled, sweetheart crop top. And because Valentine's is all about love, I wanted to share that pattern with you guys... for free. Just in case you want to treat yourselves to a V-day top too!

The SweetHeart Crop Top


This simple crochet pattern is for a fun, light, and flirty crop top featuring an off the shoulder ruffle, and applique style little hearts. This top is worked in the round as one piece. It may have hearts on it, but it's cute every day of the year. I've included lots of room for alterations for the largest and smallest boobs among us.

sweet tart.jpg


  • Yarn - I used 3 skeins (about 750 yds) of Paton's Baby Beehive Sport yarn in light pink, for the heart appliques I used about 50 yds Wool and the Gang Sheepaca yarn in burgundy. (Any DK weight yarn will work for this pattern, these two were leftovers I had from other projects!)
  • Hook - 4mm
  • Scissors
  • Weaving needle

Top Base:

  • Round 1: Ch 135 (** This is for a 36 C - for each increase or decrease of cup size add/sub 5 stitches, so a 36B would be 130, a 36 D would be 140. ALSO add/sub 5 ch stitches for chest size - so 38 C would be 140, a 34 B would be 125 etc.) Connect ends with a sl st making sure not to twist your chain. Ch 1
    • Hint!: I'm usually a 34 B but I'm wearing a bra under my top, so I made it a bit bigger, using the 36 C measurements.
  • Round 2-34:  Hdc around, sl st to finish. Cut and tie off, weave in ends. If you would like a longer top add more rounds!


  • Tie on with your hook about 1.5-2 inches away from the seam, that is, about 8-10 stitches away from the seam (up to 14 for XL). Ch 25 for S, (30 for M, 35 for L, 40 for XL), and sl st to connect the chain 8-10 stitches away on the other side of the seam (make sure your chain isn't twisted!)  - this means that there should be 16-20 stitches between the two ends. Cut and tie off, weave in ends.
  • Repeat on other side of the top, but instead of cutting off, once you've slip stitched to attach the chain, start to hdc around like normal. When you get to the far side, hdc around the chain - this forms the arm holes. Repeat 3 more times so the shoulders are 4 rows thick. (If you'd like more coverage or thicker shoulder straps - add more rows!)

Hint! Before you start the ruffle try the top on and make sure the shoulders aren't too loose! you don't want your top to fall down. It should be snug, because the weight of the ruffle will pull it down a bit.


  • Ruffle Round 1: Without cutting off from the piece, switch directions so that you're facing the inside of the top. Hdc around. (Once the ruffle is longer, it will be "right side out".
  • Round 2: Hdc 10, then in the 11th stitch, hdc 3, repeat this pattern around, sl st to finish the round
  • Round 3: Hdc normally, but in the second stitch of the 3 hdc , hdc 3, repeat around. 
  • Hint! This will start to look pointy, but don't worry, we'll take care of that later.
  • Round 4-11: Repeat Round 3. (If you'd like a longer ruffle, add more rounds! Approx 3 rows per inch.)
  • Round 12: Hdc around, do not hdc 3 into any stitch, this will start to even out the points of the ruffles.
  • Round 13: Repeat round 12. Cut and tie off


  • Foundation and Row 1: Ch 6, hdc 5, ch 1 and turn
  • Row 2: Hdc 4, ch 1, turn
  • Row 3: Sl st,  Hdc 3, ch 1 turn.

In the divet between row 2 and 3, dc 5, sl st into the point of row 2, then dc 5 into the divet between row 2 and 1. Sl st into row 1, cut and tie off. Weave in ends.

Repeat approx 16 times.

Place each heart between two "points" of the ruffle. You can create more hearts if you'd like more hearts on the base of the top as well.

Using a weaving needle, sew around the heart into the piece to secure. Repeat 16 (or more or less) times. Happy Valentines!

Katie Jagel