1-21-17 The Women's March

What a day. Supposedly almost 3 million people across the world showed up to support women's health, intersectionality, love, and the education and access to all three.

I spent the Friday before hurriedly making pussy hats for my friends that were attending in Washington DC, and New York City. My mom texted me telling me she would be marching in Seneca Falls. It was all so exciting and inspiring! People were getting out, people were mad, people wanted to do something. 

I remembered going to rallies down in front of City Hall for Planned Parenthood during college, but that was a small get together compared to the crowds that showed up in New York City. The streets were completely full, pink, so many pussy hats! It was so uplifting, inspiring, and the signs and support were hilarious and creative.

I wrote a guest blog for Stitch&Hustle where I go into a little more detail with my experience... check it out here!



Katie Jagel