8-12-16 First Published Pattern

Whew, guys. Whew. That's what I have to say about pattern writing. 

Everything that you've seen on my site so far are my own designs or extrapolations from designs I've seen. I never thought to write down what I was doing - why would anyone would want to re-create them when they could buy them? A silly thought considering the crochet and knitting community is ambitious and crafty and likes doing things themselves! 

The Summer Granny Square Pattern was created from a mix between an instagram of Ruby Rose and a quilting tutorial lol! Not kidding, see?

To me, the doing was easy, the explaining was not. I didn't realize everything needed a measurement for it to be standardized, or that the clearest way to explain with pictures is a photo of every. single. step. along the way, or that 'winging it' isn't a clear direction! 

This pattern was a month in the making, and took 5 people to finish. 5 patient, saintly people, to help me with clarity of explaining. BUT ut it's finally out there in the world! An original design! 

It's on ravelry in The Queen Stitch shop, and also on Etsy for my crafty friends <33

Katie Jagel