10-5-16 TQS and ToW create Knit Nights NYC

As Alexi and I continued to get together to drink and knit and crochet and chat, we remembered the OML Meet-up. We knew that there were more young people in the city that would like to drink and make things out of yarn... but how to find them? We decided to make our own knitting group - NYC Knit Nights

But how to get the word out? How to convince people we weren't crazy? How to get a venue? Do we need a manifesto? 

There were a lot of questions that first time around... we ended up creating the facebook group above and insta-blasting our friends.

We hosted the first knit night at a bar near where I live in a back garden with the last warmth and light of fall. More than zero people we didn't know showed up so we took it as a win! (I think total we got like... 10 people?) We even got the beautiful, talented, and resident celebrity Made by London to come! We got to meet new friends (some of them were all the way from Queens) and drink and hang out. We decided it was a success.

Katie Jagel