6-24-16 Crochyay Crush of the Week

Y'all here we go! The Queen Stitch was officially featured on the UK crochet site Crochyayboxes. A subscription based learning site, that draws inspiration and materials from fellow artists.

Click here or check out the blog post here 

Each week we feature our #crochyaycrush here on the website and over on Instagram.  This week we've chosen @thequeenstitch Katie is the face and creator behind The Queen Stitch.  WIth summer set to finally arrived here in the UK this weekend and Glastonbury fully underway Katie's Kitsch creations are the perfect fit this week.  These are definitely conversation starters! Head over to view the Queen Stitch Summer 2016 collection on Katie's website http://www.thequeenstitchbk.com/

 Happy Crushing!

Katie Jagel