5-21-16 The Photoshoot

Saturday I got several of my best friends together to take pictures in my spring/summer bralettes! For over a month and a half I posted likely-to-change visions of experimentations with yarn-as-lingerie in a facebook group with 8 of my friends. They gave advice, preferences, and sometimes sass. But when the day came, they showed up, spurred on by prospects of gin-lemonades and pizza, to sacrifice a day getting dressed up and made up to embody the queen stitch ideal, which is subject to change, but as of the summer 2016 is kitschy, creative, proud. Huge thank you to them and a special thank you to Brenna and Dylan for keeping me sane and thinking of everything, and for letting me use his studio and taking "practice pictures" with all his nice equipment. Dreams get started with luck, friends, and gin.

Katie Jagel