3-09-17 Craft Jammery

Last night I finished my last class of a 3 class 'Introduction to Crochet' taught at Craft Jam! I got to meet new people, teach the history and basics of crochet, and make things.

I met Paivi at the Renegade Craft Fair I attended last year with Alexi from Two of Wands. The Craft Jam series is women owned, craft driven, and byob. You go, learn a new skill, talk to friends, and craft... what's not to like?!

I attended my first craft jam for a weaving class with Melissa. It was awesome. I learned 4 new types of stitches,  and the technical terms for things - like ask me what the weft is, I know. And I was able to nearly finish my weaving by the end of class. But better yet, they sent me home with all the materials to make things with! (Also did I mention there were muffins? Wonderful)


When Paivi asked me to be the Crochet Jam Master I was very pleased, but what to teach? and where to even start? We decided to embark on a couple different classes. For the "Introduction to Crochet" I decided to cover the basic stitches - sl st, ch st, sc, hdc, dc and then show them how to work flat, and in the round. I may have been a little ambitious trying to teach 4 new stitches, and in the round the first class... but my ambitious and patient students were up for it (go them!)... I have since slightly redesigned my lesson plan, but hey, I'm learning too! 

We drank red wine, talked about travelling, learned how to read a pattern, and got used to holding the yarn and the hook in our hands. Everyone held the hook differently! I knew there were different styles and ways of holding it - but 4 different ways? Hey, whatever works!

We continued on the second class learning double crochet and working flat, and how chain stitch can be used to create lace with negative space. 

By the end of the third class the ladies had finished their scarves, had a nice mini set of floral coasters, and learned more technical stitches like bobble stitch, and even basket weave! 

I am pretty sure I learned just as much about teaching as my students learned about crochet, but hoping that leads to even better classes in the future!

Stay tuned for even more fun classes!... Thinking maybe a granny square class,  a clutch class, also maybe another to learn to crochet summer bikini tops - always a favorite of mine, (as you guys know!) 

Katie Jagel