The StashBusting CAL/KAL

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Here we are January!

If you read through my 2019 Goals you’ll know that I’m trying to be more thoughtful about what I make, and less wasteful in my materials use. After I wrote that I sat here in my little office looking at my shelves (on shelves on shelves) of the yarn I already have. Some of it is so beautiful I’ve been scared to use it, most of it is a skein or two I have left after a larger project like an afghan or sweater, and then there’s a lot of less-than-a-skein’s of dk or worsted weight from medium to smaller projects. I imagine a lot of you are in a similar boat.

What to do?! We don’t want to waste them, there’s enough yarn to do something with it… maybe when we have the time…?

Now! We have the time now! We’re over the holiday hump! WE CAN DO IT! I introduce to you The Stashbusting CAL/KAL! In this month long crochet/knit-a-long it is our mission to use ONLY yarn we already have to complete a project (or two or three).

Why a CAL/KAL? I look at this project as a neighborhood clean up. It’s more fun with a friend, you’ll meet some new people in your community, and you’ll finish with something beautiful that you can use or give away! We’ll be cleaning up our work space and our head space. Getting ready for 2019 and Finish It February.

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So, what’s the situation? How do I join? - I’m glad you asked. Here’s the deets:

What you need:

Scraps - Extra yarn! Half skeins! That one skein you kept in a closed box… Seriously, this is the time to break out that yarn you’ve squashed into the dark corners. Break ‘em out!

Flexibility - We’re making scrap projects, you may lose yarn chicken! Be ready to innovate, mix-up colors, and maybe even frog. Most of the projects we’ll be making will be multicolored, or they’ll be small. So don’t take it too seriously and don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Positive attitudes - Essentially we’re joining together to make something beautiful, and clean up our workspace. It’ll take some work, we may get a little sweaty, maybe even a little frustrated, but we’ll come out the other end with new friends, a cleaner workspace, a clearer focus, and less waste!

The Structure:

Even though we’ll be making different projects, there will be structured prompts each week.

The CAL/KAL will last 4 weeks, and start “officially” on Monday, January 21st. Each week will have prize-winning opportunities (w/ a big thank you to LoveCrochet + LoveKnitting!)

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get many more details than this, but the overview of the weeks is as follows

  1. The first week we’ll be organizing our stash and picking some projects from ‘The Board’ (or inventing our own!)

  2. The second week we’ll be starting our stash projects, look out for innovation and pattern edits!

  3. The third week I’ll be sharing some ways you can use up the very last bits of scraps even those long ends!

  4. The fourth week we’ll be sharing our completed projects, and giving out prizes!

The Stashbusting Community(ies):

This CAL/KAL will have a group on BOTH Ravelry and Facebook. When I asked you if you prefer Facebook or Ravelry groups there was an even split. So once I have all the sign ups, I will send you the links to both groups. You can join one, or the other, or both!

How to Join:

Scroll just a bit further on this post and join the e-mail list! Once everyone has joined up I’ll be sending off a welcome e-mail which will contain information on how to join the Facebook or Ravelry group(s), and some #StashBusterKAL and #StashBusterCAL badges you can share on your social media channels to share with your friends, let others know you’re taking part, and get others excited! You’ll also receive the weekly prompts in your e-mail as well as on the group pages.

What are you waiting for?!

Once you’ve joined a Welcome e-mail will be sent on Thursday, January 17th, and the first prompt goes out the 21st! I can’t wait to start making with you


Katie Moore