Free Fall Knit Repeat: Acorns !


It's finally Fall! I mean... I'd be lying if I didn't say it's been fall for sometime in Ireland, but all the more reason to celebrate!

It's the season of transitions, from warm to cool, greens to oranges, from thinking about bikini bodies to holiday desserts (yum). I'm currently in my own transition of ending my spring/summer designs, specifically the Seaside Collection, and thinking about my upcoming fall collection, dropping October 1st on LoveCrochet

If you haven't read about the collection yet, this year I'm doing a little something different: a MEN'S capsule collection! You read that right, men's crochet wear. I have a lot of trouble finding good men's crochet patterns to make for the various fathers, brothers, and (the one) husband in my life. So I figured... lets do a couple of fall basics! The collection is inspired by foggy mornings, leaves crunching underfoot, the smell of smoke in the air, and the feeling of old leather bound books. You can get more of a visual vibe for it in the mood board here, and I've been sneaky peeking some of the designs over on Instagram in the meantime.

TQS - Fall Preview - Classic Cable Cardigan
TQS - Fall Preview - Pine Crew
TQS - Fall Preview - Classic Cable Cardigan

However! 4 months is a big ol' time to wait between new patterns isn't it? So! For that reason, and as a thank you for your support of The Queen Stitch from season to season, I've just posted the Acorn Beanie Pattern up in the shop, and am posting the repeat for it for FREE below! 


It's a simple 6 stitch repeat that you can use with a bunch of different yarn weights and fibers.

Queen Stitch Acorn Repeat Chart

Round 1: k3 MC, *k1 CC2, k5 MC* repeat from ** X more times, then k1 CC2, k2 MC

Round 2: k2 MC, *k3 CC2, k3 MC* repeat from ** X more times, then k3 CC2, k1 MC

Rounds 3+4: Repeat Round 2

Round 5: *k1 MC, k5 CC3* repeat X more times

Round 6: k2 MC *k3 CC3, k3 MC* repeat from ** X more times, then k3 CC3, k1 MC

Round 7: k3 MC, *k1 CC3, k5 MC* repeat from ** X more times, then k1 CC3, k2 MC


If you'd like a little more guidance about short hand pattern notations, would like the full hat pattern, or if you just want to give some support to the one-woman small business that is The Queen Stitch, grab the full pattern HERE!

Happy fall my lovelies!


Katie Moore