4-12-18 Fiber is for Friends

April showers bring the best knit nights. One of the most unexpected and wonderful things that's happened to me because of starting this crochet design journey is all the friends I've made along the way.

So while this has been the lamest spring I’ve been a part of (literally it snowed two days ago and it’s the middle of April!), that doesn’t mean it was without its sweet fiber friend surprises.

Alexi and Michele both reconvened on NYC for a super fun knit week in the beginning of April.

 Alexi - @twoofwands, Niree - @nires_knites, and I!

Alexi - @twoofwands, Niree - @nires_knites, and I!

 Birthday Michele! - @144stitches 

Birthday Michele! - @144stitches 

We all visited our favorite Club Cumming, to chat, knit (and crochet), and get in on some fantastic yarn raffle prizes and play “KNITO”. It’s like bingo, but with knits. Michele was wearing the summer granny square sweater I made for her last year (because she’s the sweetest). And it was an extra special outfit too, because it was her birthday!

To cheers Michele’s achievement to making it through another fantastic year we may have had just a couple too many boozehounds. I am gonna say this is a win-win because the more drinks you get, the more Knito (bingo) cards you get, which is essentially like getting more chances to win their fabulous prizes. But the drinks we ordered come in the worst glass of all time – the Martini glass.

I interrupt this blog post on friendship to bring you a rant against my personal enemy, the martini glass. WHY?? Seriously they’re just asking to be poured out, the slightest bump from someone in an already crowded bar will leave you with 1/3rd of your drink left. Does this shape really let you taste the vodka notes better? Can I taste the terroir of the potato that was used to make this liquor? Just throw it in a tumbler for the love of God!

Interestingly, I was so angry I actually did some research, and found that they didn’t create it just for aesthetics/ to annoy me. But also, apparently you should only ever have gin in one of these bad boys.

As Martinis must be served frosty cold, the long stem further ensures that the cocktail isn’t warmed up too quickly. The widened brim was also invented to best benefit the gin. The greater exposure to air helps the spirit to open up, and its complex botanicals are more discernible than they would be if it were served in a narrower glass. The steeply sloping sides also prevent the cocktail’s ingredients from separating, and help to support a toothpick or cocktail skewer of olives.

Read more about the absurdity of the Martini glass from this classy Sipsmith article here https://sipsmith.com/the-history-of-the-martini-glass/

Niree and I both had about 6 KNITO cards by the time knito rolled around.

Anywho, because Michele brings a crowd I got to meet the lovely Kat from Oliphantkat and together we decided that it was high time for pizza. New York City has a lot of issues (cough, the subway) and America also has a lot of issues (I won’t even list them) but one thing that NYC does the absolutely best in the world is 24 hour dollar slice pizza. 

We waddled over across the street (because dollar pizza is only ever a few blocks away) only to be offered slices for a dollar OR a fresh pie for 8. Yes, 8 dollars! After a quick poll we went for the entire pizza, and then very conspicuously snuck it back into the bar. New friends, same greasy pizza.

 help us

help us

 Ain't she a BEAUT

Ain't she a BEAUT

Happy, tipsy, well fed knitters and crocheters all around <3

Later in the month I got to attend another fun event with lovely Niree, that also had some bingo fun in it. Spring Street Social Society hosts amazingly creative events – dinners, cocktail parties, etc, all with different themes and entertainment, always a surprise.

The event we went to was a cabaret evening with a twist. The theme was essentially “a cabaret show at a couples retreat in the Poconos during a summer in the 70s” or basically “Cher”.

blog 13.jpg
blog 11.jpg
blog 12.jpg

I started a new hat to get me inspired. We got to taste various cocktails (there wasn’t a single martini glass in sight, Amen. )  And were treated to hilarious performers Andrea Lloyd Weber and Yon Yonson.

And of course I brought my knits, which I may or may not have hid in the pocket of my absolutely ridiculous mint green faux fur jacket. Every event is a knitting/crochet night if you're game for it.

If you’re a fan of social knitting and fun events, and you'd like to make some new friends, swap design stories, or learn new skills, there is a NYC Knit Nights group on facebook that everyone is invited to join. Our next knit night will be at Berry Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from 6-9! Come join us!

Katie Jagel