1-12-18 VKL Week

Okay 2018 I see you.

What a week! It's only January and I just got to meet nearly all my insta-crushes and collaborators in one week. Vogue Knitting Live is always a big deal when it hits New York, but this year was different. I went last year with Alexi of TwoOfWands, but it was one day, this year it was essentially a week. (You know that one friend that has a birthday week instead of a birthday?) That's VKL this year. I wanted to just write a little bit about about all the fun people and things I got to do as part of being friends with Madame VKL the popular diva and her week of frivolity. (I'm using personification, Madame VKL is not a real person so far as I know)



Yarn Bae and fellow designer Alexi finally came back from LA for a couple weeks, so I linked in with her immediately. Our schedules aligned for the VKL sanctioned Stitch&Bitch night at Club Cumming. The above picture is Alexi, Jessica (from @mamainastitch), and I venturing on the cross town bus 14D to the club. Though the bus redirected along the 14A route and everyone lost their damn minds, we did manage to get to the club eventually.


We roll up to the bar, from the outside it looks like your standard east village dive bar, with a chalkboard sign and faint red light coming through the windows. We walked through heavy red velvet curtains to be met to chipper drag queen/hostess who had made her own dress using what I thought was silk but ended up being 70's polyester blend (I didn't get any pictures of it unfortunately). The bar is apparently sponsored by Campari so we all got a version of a Negroni called a Boozehound and collected our raffle tickets. 2 for 1 drinks between 6-7 and knit night is every tuesday! How have I never come here before?!

I also (finally!) got to meet Michele from Stitch and Hustle(!) Though we've collaborated this year on the Kit Shop and instagrammed at each other aggressively. We'd never actually met before Tuesday night. She was just about what I expected: vivacious, unafraid, and as my nana would say "lotta gumption". Still though, to actually chat with a yarn hero is a lot better than just sharing heart emoji's on social media.


From Red to Pink, wednesday was a Lion Brand sponsored knit night at Flatiron Hall. Wood tables, biergarten vibes,  giant pretzels. For those that showed up early there were free one-and-done kits. You best believe I picked the pink one. There was also a black option but there's enough black clothing in NYC for real. 


It was this night that I first got introduced to Toni from @tlyarncrafts - it was a major fan girl moment and Alexi was gracious enough to introduce me as I lurked around in self-doubt. Toni is so friendly, (and so is her mom) and we were pleased to discover that we were also going to be meeting up at the LoveKnitting sponsored Flock party the next night. So without further ado...


Unlike LionBrand, I've actually partnered with LoveKnitting + LoveCrochet to use their Paintbox yarns in my Bralette Bonanza this summer. However, like many of these fiber women, my relationship with the company was a strictly virtual one up until this week. So, naturally, I was so excited and flattered to be invited to their Flock launch party!

Isotherm Fringe  from Bralette Bonanza 17

Isotherm Fringe from Bralette Bonanza 17

Lemonade  from Bralette Bonanza 17

Lemonade from Bralette Bonanza 17

The Paloma  from Bralette Bonanza 17

The Paloma from Bralette Bonanza 17

So... What the Flock? Flock is the designer ambassador program for LoveCrafts and as the company is launching their US office, it was time for a party! The party was British themed, naturally, and 30 or so of us came to drink to The Queen (not me, the Queen of England).

LoveCrafts pulled out all the stops with an open bar, delicately detailed cookies, and photobooth costumes! I talked to Helen, Ella, Jenny and Kate about the future of the brand in the US (and also some very exciting collaborations to come in 2018 so y'all stay tuned!).

Me as her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Toni as Sherlock Holmes

Me as her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Toni as Sherlock Holmes

This friggin adorable knitting cookie and my new mohair stash from Willow&Lark!

This friggin adorable knitting cookie and my new mohair stash from Willow&Lark!

We also got to squish some of their exclusive yarn brands, like Willow&Lark Plume - silk + mohair blend. I'm still a die hard for Paintbox, don't get me wrong, their color palette is unmatched, and their smaller size balls prevent waste in the fiber arts community. However, I've never worked with mohair and who knows what the possibilities are with a new fiber!


Saturday was my VKL live day. Talk about whirlwind. It feels like you're in Alice Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. A dimly lit abyss of people and colors just rushing past you. (Seriously though the Marriott needs to figure out its lighting situation, and get that carpet sorted out). I finally managed to grab my very own KitCollage yarn from Amy. Meeting her in person this week was an absolute treat - she is so nice and every skein of yarn she makes is artwork. 


I am so inspired and excited to start making. An absolutely insane and over-stimulating week, with new fibers, new friends, and a ton of plans. Stay tuned for a very exciting 2018 friends!


xx Katie

Katie Jagel