7-27-17 Embroidery Games

All the crafts! I know I mostly market myself as a crochet guru (and to be honest, it's still the only one I have any real technical skill in) but I don't think that means I need to limit myself, right?

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

I've played around with embroidery in the past, and I wanted to take myself to that next level, and learn more than just a simple back stitch. Where do you go to learn crafts? CraftJam of course! If you've been following along with me for awhile you know that I've gone there to learn other skills, like how to weave on a loom, and even more recently, how to knit! Their short BYOB 2-3 hour classes are the perfect un-intimidating work place to digest new skills. 

I crochet and knit during all of my free time. So in order to avoid burn outs, I like to dip my toes into other crafts. Doing this: learning new techniques and looking at art from new perspectives usually makes me approach my designs with fresh eyes.

My teacher for the evening was the talented @offthe_paige . A technical artist, she's very good with construction projects like creating leather clutches, macrame, jewelry making... you know I could go on. She taught us the basics of the set up- getting the fabric taut in the hoop, and how to template a design. Then she taught us some new stitches: running stitch, daisy chain stitch, french knots.... How to create different textures with the angles of stitches. And then we got to work

I've been told many times before that I have "no chill". And it's something I'm proud of, apathy is overrated in my opinion. When I learn something new I want to dive head first and explore the history, the technical skill, the resources for it. Find all the unique nooks and cranies. Embroidery was no different. I have so many new ideas for samplers, for collars on shirts, for patches....

It seems as if by providence that I received an e-mail from Purl Soho this morning advertising their gorgeous sampler. So now I have my next project!

If you've never tried embroidery, I am happy to announce that soon I will be teaching some classes at CraftJam alongside my normal crochet classes. Stay tuned for my codes on Instagram that will get you 15% off!! <3 I can't wait to explore with you!

Katie Jagel