SS — 17

Spring/ Summer collection for 2017. Released and designed in collaboration with Paintbox Yarns. The entire collection is available as an exclusive e-book with all 10 patterns. The inspiration of this collection was inclusivity (all boobs welcome), color pop, and kitsch.

Summer is a time for fun, color, and showing a little skin. This pattern booklet supports you in all of these summer-time goals. Welcome to the Bralette Bonanza 2017! Ten bralette and top patterns, all with full photo tutorials, a light unnecessary commentary from me, and poppin’ colors all the way through.

I’ve heard ladies of all shapes and sizes tell me they can’t wear bralettes – “My boobs are too big they’ll fall out!” “My boobs are too small, I can’t fill it out!” Fear not, you are all good-looking and so are your boobs. There are bralette patterns for any shape and size in these pages, from dainty to full coverage. I include ways to alter the straps and designs for more support in nearly all the designs, and I also provide a coverage gauge: Light coverage – lotta skin, there will be cleavage! Medium coverage – hints of cleavage, but nothing will fall out. Full coverage – your ladies are safe and secure and covered.

So now, off with you! Start creating! And may these designs keep you fresh, cool, and original all summer long.

Oh, Honey

Honey bees are awesome. They pollinate flowers, they work hard, and they make one of the only foods that never expires (honey)! Sadly, they were put on the endangered species list this year, so if you see any bees, make sure you tell them to keep up the good work.

In the spirit of all things yellow and delicious, we will embark on this fun bee-centric bralette, which features hexagonal honey comb, dripping honey, and little bumble bees! One size fits most for this design.

obow 9.jpg
oh honey 5.jpg
obow 5.jpg

Isotherm Ruffle

“That’s hot!” I know Paris Hilton tried to trademark that phrase, but she didn’t so I’m using it for this bralette design. This top is sort of like if a 20’s flapper and a heat map of Australia walked into a bar and got busy.

This swingy top features 3 sections of warm color fringe, to create depth, dimension and texture. Includes options for fuller coverage.

isotherm 2.jpg


I’m sure everyone has heard the age old adage “when life gives you lemons, put them in your gin”. With this good piece of advice in mind, I designed the lemonade bralette, which features two slices of lemon in a balconette style.

This is the only design that I’ve actually tried before (see summer ‘16) but with a couple improvements and more support, the pattern will now finally see the light of day! There are alternate options available for more support and coverage

lem 4.jpg

Not-Your-Granny's Festival Top

This granny square meets chevron top evokes 60’s music festivals, cool cars, and state fair fun.

It features granny squares, chevrons, and tassels – what more could you want? Easy breezy baby.

gran 3.jpg

The Paloma

The Paloma is one of my favorite summer cocktails – tequila with grapefruit soda, what’s not to like? This tropical halter is great for fuller coverage, and is sure to become a classic summer staple.

The halter features a baby blue sky background, with a fun, sultry, cut-out in the center. It also uses the topstitch technique for sunny palm fronds. More supportive strap options and alternate sizing are available for this pattern.


The Overflow Bow

The Hamptons meets Audrey Hepburn. This flirty and classic off-the-shoulder top features ode-to seersucker stitches
and can be worn 3 ways, making each time you wear it, special and original, like you.


Rubber Ducky

What’s more springy than a cute yellow rubber duck? Invoking images of bathtime and bubbles from yesteryear, these duckies are slightly more adult.

The bralette features cutouts in the center and at the top of each cup. This playful number also features lace work along the straps created to look like swells in the sea (or waves in the bath). A unique design and poppin colors, it’ll be sure to get you noticed!

ducky 2.jpg
ducky 1.jpg

Shoot for the Moon

Since all of humanity will probably have to pull a Wall-E and jet off the planet at some point… why not embrace our space existence earlier rather than later? Of all the bralettes and tops in this booklet, this racerback halter most exemplifies the paintbox palette. Boasting 9 colors, it’s a work of art, just like you.

The top features a fuller-coverage night sky, with a large racerback style rocketship in back – because why should the front of you have all the fun??

rocket 6.jpg
rocket 5.jpg

Later, Gator

Kitschy, green, and fierce. These are the tenants of this top! This halter design features two large eyes, and a triangle mouth complete with teeth for your summer gator fun! Putt Putt golf and red solo cups optional.

gater 3.jpeg
gater 4.jpeg
gater 5.jpeg

This Lil' Piggie

I love Pigs! They’re smart, adorable, and such a lovely pink (well there are also brown one, or multi-colored ones… and even hairy ones, but you know the ones I mean).

This minimalist’s tank is the perfect every day top. Adorable and light, let’s do brunch, hold the bacon!

pig 4.jpeg
pig 3.jpeg