Amusement Park by Frank Koehntopp

The Seaside Collection.

2018 Spring/ Summer in collaboration with Paintbox Yarns.


The smell of salt-water, warm wooden boards under your feet, sunshine in your eyes, a taste of something cold….


The 2018 spring/summer collection was inspired by a day at the seaside, and it’s finally here! 6 garments that take you to the edge of the ocean, no matter where you actually live! 

The pieces utilize cotton yarns in both dk and aran weights, and were inspired by the colors and patterns of sunlight through palm fronds, pink sunsets, tangled driftwood, and the tides themselves. You can check out my SS 18 mood-board for the full aesthetic entanglement.

The Seaside Collection was made in collaboration with Paintbox yarn and LoveCrochet. Without their continued support, love of color, and audience insight, I would not be where I am today! For each piece of the collection, I specify how many skeins of yarn you’ll need, per size [S-XL], per color. The patterns have a full photo tutorial, for added clarity and easy. Plus if you’re a visual learner (like me!) it acts as step-by-step guide.



Spring/ Summer collection for 2017. Released and designed in collaboration with Paintbox Yarns. The entire collection is available as an exclusive e-book with all 10 patterns. The inspiration of this collection was inclusivity (all boobs welcome), color pop, and kitsch.

Summer is a time for fun, color, and showing a little skin.  The Bralette Bonanza 2017 contains ten bralette and top patterns, all with full photo tutorials, a light unnecessary commentary from me, and poppin’ colors all the way through.

I’ve heard ladies of all shapes and sizes tell me they can’t wear bralettes – “My boobs are too big they’ll fall out!” “My boobs are too small, I can’t fill it out!” Fear not, you are all good-looking and so are your boobs. There are bralette patterns for any shape and size in these pages, from dainty to full coverage. I include ways to alter the straps and designs for more support in nearly all the designs, and I also provide a coverage gauge: Light coverage – lotta skin, there will be cleavage! Medium coverage – hints of cleavage, but nothing will fall out. Full coverage – your ladies are safe and secure and covered.


Oh, Honey

Not-Your-Granny's Festival Top

Available exclusively through the Bralette Bonanza

Isotherm Fringe


This Lil' Piggie

The Paloma



Overflow Bow

Available exclusively through the Bralette Bonanza

Later, Gator

Shoot for the Moon!

Available exclusively through the Bralette Bonanza



Spring/ Summer collection for 2016.

Inspired by gin, tropical fruits, and flamingos

A set of 10 designs that were exclusively ready-to-ship