The Queen Stitch patterns are all original designs, most of which contain a step-by-step photo tutorial. All pattern terms are US, but there is a UK/NZ/AU language key in each. If you ever have questions during your crafting feel free to send a message.


The Nancy Sweater

A beautiful, reversible (!), lace trimmed sweater. Named for my sophisticated Grandmother, who loved both functional clothing and the sea - my version uses nautical colors. 

Features an open half-back, or, low v-neck front, and scalloped lace. The lower half of the sweater and the sleeves feature nuanced ribbing. Offers S, M, and Large sizing options. 
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

The Neapolitan Sweater

A fun, light, tri-colored drip sweater. Named for the fact that it looks like dripping ice cream. A good anytime sweater, and a fun technical project.

Features drip stitch on the vest panels and three color blocks on each sleeve. S,M,L sizes available, full photo tutorial.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

The Bobble Sweater

A fluffy, cozy, bobble sweater! So named for the bitty bobbles that make up this gorgeous textured sweater! The sweater features a bobbled front panel, contrasting color blocked sleeves and back – and also features ribbed cuffs and waist. 

S, M, and L sweater options included. Full photo tutorial included.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

seam 2.jpg

The Casablanca Cowl

A chic, structured, ribbed cowl design with a fun bumpy texture. 

Features a solid cowl base and utilizes the topstitch technique for the ribbing. Contains a full photo tutorial. 

Level: Beginner

The Ottershaw Sweater

A simple, classic cable design for a pullover sweater. It features three cables down the center of the sweater, and one down each sleeve. A practical anytime sweater that works on both men and women.

Features S, M, L, and XL sizes for men.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

The Seam Beanie

A chunky, ribbed beanie, with a unique and playful silhouette. Named for the seam illusion that the pattern creates, it suits both men and women. One size fits most, but alterations are included for larger sizes
Difficulty Level: Beginner- Intermediate


The Tassel Cowl

A wonderfully soft, squashy, cozy cowl, with a tasseled pull for when it’s heinously cold.

Features a solid cowl base and a tasseled pull design. May it keep you warm and fashionable!

Difficulty Level: Beginner

The Gemma Scarf

This pattern is for a cozy, pretty, and tasseled (!) triangle scarf. Named for my great great aunt Gemma! It features three color blocks, with an interrupting ‘lace line’. A little extra coverage for the cold, and an awesome addition to any outfit.

Difficulty Level: Beginner - Intermediate

The Summer Granny Sweater

A light, loose, summer crochet sweater. Sweet and fun; this simple pattern can work with lots of different types of granny squares in all sorts of colors. The pattern is deceptively easy, and the hard part comes at the end when you’re lining up your joining rows!

Available in sizes S/M and L/XL


The Tea&Toast Sweater

A classic design for a mock-turtle neck, pullover sweater. It features faux-knit ribbing down the front and back panels, and the sleeves. The sweater, though it looks simple, takes a few ‘normal’ crochet practices, and tweaks them slightly for this all original look –an uber-cozy, chic sweater that can work on both men and women.

The color and coziness reminds me of a nice Sunday afternoon curled up with a cup of tea and some toast. This pattern features a full photo tutorial with size options for S M, L, XL

Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Cloud Appliques

Playful, fluffy cloud appliques. These fun clouds look great on sweaters, cowl, headbands, really any thing you can think of!

In the past, I've used these fun appliques on my cloudy day earwarmers, and the cloud turtleneck. A full photo tutorial is included in this pattern.
Difficulty Level: Beginner

The George Beanie

A playful, colorful take on the classic pom pom beanie. Named for my Great Uncle, and very good friend, George (a lot of good George’s in my life). It features three colors, with a double line of contrast, and some extra flair on the hemline and pom! A playful accompaniment to dark winter days! 

Difficulty Level: Beginner - Intermediate


The Mary Cowl

A simple, adorable, and cozy cowl design. The pattern contains the cowl base (which is a slightly roomier cowl allowing for folds and texture) and a bow pattern.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

The Seam Beanie #2

The second in the seam beanie family, this pattern features straight ribs from top to bottom for a classic cozy look

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

The Escher- Esque Blanket

This fun throw blanket features ribbing to create an illusion of interwoven lines. A fun technical project, and an extra cozy blanket.

Difficulty level: Beginner- Intermediate