The Stitch&Hustle Kit Shop w/ The Queen Stitch

Michele from @144stitches and Stitch&Hustle fame has been a pillar in the maker community since she came on the scene. With her educational blog posts, collaborative features, and insights into small business, she's been one to follow.

When she decided to get into kits, instead of going top down and getting started with a huge corporation, she stayed true to her grassroots mentality and reached out to other makers. Collaborating with others in the community for patterns and fiber artists, she created the Kit Shop. I am thrilled and honored to be featured in these exclusive kits! Read more about my collaboration with her here, and see below for links and designs!




Tea&Toast Lite

Using a lighter weight fiber, same cozy, tighter texture


Scarves & Cowls

The Gemma Scarf

New take on the triangle scarf, lace line, delicate details


gemma 1.jpg