FW - 16

Inspired by bright winter sun, crunchy pine needles, and bourbon with cider - the fall/winter 2016 collection features cozy+textured sweaters, playful hats, and structured cowls.



Seam Beanie #1

Playful and unique silhouette, features swirling seams, the must have texture

The George Beanie

Color pop, classic stripes, fun for everyone

The Seam Beanie #2

A more straight-laced version of the first beanie, kept the seam, lost the swirl

Ear Warmers

A Mary warmer, and a Cloud warmer - for when you want to be matchy-matchy

The Sunshine Scarf

Burst of color, flood of warmth

The Gemma Scarf

New take on the triangle scarf, lace line, delicate details

Mary Cowl

Bows don't have to be dainty, suits every look

The Casablanca Cowl

Bold, classic, sophisticated, bring your winter look to the next level

Tassel Cowl

Drawstrings for extra warmth, creates folds of warmth + texture


The Bobble Sweater

Fun texture, cozy sweater, every day

Tea & Toast Sweater

Level 10 fuzzum, like a warm hug, like you mean it

Neapolitan Drip Sweater

Melt ice cream and hearts, technical challenge, great result

The Nancy Sweater

Reversible, functional, nautical

Summer Granny Square Sweater

Works with any granny square pattern, not your average granny


Cloudy Day Sweater

Head in the... ribbed turtleneck, features cloud appliques